Vision & Mission

The vision of the Company has been revised every three years in order for the Company to achieve sustainable growth targets by taking into account the balance of both quantitative and qualitative rewards for all stakeholders as well as social and environmental responsibilities. The operation of the Company is in accordance with the principles of good governance. A mission statement is developed annually to reflect the changing environments. The organization is driven by the LPN Way which is derived from the extensive experiences in business operation.

Vision 2017 - 2019

“Strike a balance in and enhance the efficiency of real estate business operation and residential development in terms of profit and responsibility towards all stakeholders to achieve sustainable development”

Livable Community For All

“Livable Community For All” is Lumpini Community in which the residents live happily together with appropriate components, great quality of life, society, environment and awareness of Togetherness, Care and Share culture.

Value Organization

The organization that has been developed in an integrated fashion in the operation of all departments in order to deliver the value to stakeholders, society and environment.

The vision of the company in the past

2014 - 2016
2011 - 2013
2008 - 2010
2005 - 2007
2002 - 2004

Mission 2018

Shareholders Adjust the business plan to be in consistent with current market situations to maintain appropriate profit with integrated and efficient management and corporate governance principles.
Customers/Residents Create and deliver “Livable Community” in terms of product and service values to “Lumpini” and “Outside Lumpini” communities.
Society and Environment Raise social and environmental awareness of all stakeholders by operating the business appropriately for sustainable development.
Business Alliances Develop efficiency of the operation in an integrated manner and competitive ability of product values for “Lumpini” and “Outside Lumpini” customers.
Staff Build capacity as a business operator and competitive capability for career advancement and happiness through LPN Way and togetherness, care and share culture.
Internal Operation Integrate all operations in the organization in a professional, efficient and flexible manner as well as embrace change by being human centric.


LPN Way comprises two milestone values i.e. “continuous development” and “respect for stakeholders”. The seven components of the values are “C-L-A-S-S-I-C” which is integrated into the operation of the Company and is adhered to by all segments of the Company. It has been developed into the organization values (LPN Values) and LPN Way with an aim to achieve the goal of the operation both in terms of quality and quantity and to drive the Company towards “Sustainable Development”.

C - Cost with Quality

The project management which realizes the importance of the careful utilization of resources and the efficiency of project management which focuses on the reduction of direct costs and hidden costs as well as the reduction of extra expenses in all departments without affecting the planned target and quality.

L - Lateral Thinking

The new way of thinking that is flexible and different without any fear of obstacles in order to improve, change, develop and create new products and services. The implementation and assessment of the new process must be possible. The aim is to add value to the products and services as well as the growth of the organization.

A - Alliance

The way of treating long-time and trustworthy business alliances with trust and fairness with the willingness to collaborate and develop the work continuously as if being in the same organization for the achievement of a common goal.

S - Speed with Quality

The focus on the development of the working and problem-solving process that is quick and attentive to details for the quality of the work and the completion before deadline to be one step ahead of others.

S - Service Mindedness

The care for all groups of customers at all times by putting ourselves in their shoes and showing willingness and enthusiasm to provide full services that exceed their expectations in order to add value to services and create good impression.

I - Integrity

The action towards the organization and related business partners which is honest, responsible, transparent, fair and ethical at all times.

C- Collaboration

The sense of collaboration from staff at all levels in the operation or activity of the Company for the achievement of the common goal.